• Male vs. female brains:  Boys are more likely to detect slight movements they focus on moving objects more often.

  • You can’t tickle yourself because your brain knows it’s you doing the tickling!

  • “With modern parts atop old ones, the brain is like an iPod built around an eight-track cassette player”
    - Sharon Begley

  • Testosterone enhances a male’s ability to navigate.  It increases spatial ability, sense of competition, and visualization.

  • Ever wonder why you don’t fall out of bed while dreaming?  Your brain secretes a paralyzing hormone, keeping your body from acting out your dreams!

  • The brain consolidates memories while you sleep.

  • The frontal lobe matures faster in females.

  • The power of smell: learning and memory is enhanced when linked to a scent.

  • Eat well, and it’ll have positive effects on your brain, students who ate a healthy diet devoid of additives and preservatives performed14% better in IQ tests.

  • “I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells”.
    - Dr. Seuss

  • Women speak approximately 10,000 more words each day then men, due to the development of the language centers of the brain.

  • Studies show that 50-70% physical ailments can be traced to psychological reasons.

  • Male vs female Brains:  Girls react to visual stimuli, are sensitive to touch, odor, taste and sound.  They focus on faces more often.

  • The amygdala is the emotional center of the brain, in teens it is over reactive, leading to over the top emotional responses.

  • The brain is made up of about 75% water.

  • "The human brain, then, is the most complicated organization of matter that we know."
    --- Isaac Asimov

  • A lack of sleep may actually decrease your ability to create new memories.

  • The amygdala is larger in males than females, therefore males exhibit more aggressive behavior, females “tend and befriend”.

  • Studies reveal that children with imaginary playmates are more likely to be first-born children.

  • The best way for kids to learn? Cut out the lecture and immerse them in realistic environments that allow them to explore new experiences and concepts safely!

  • Learning is enhanced by challenge and inhibited by threat.

  • Teens should get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep, without it learning is not solidified.

  • Laughter is easy? Not quite, it is actually a very complex task that requires activation in 5 different areas of the brain.

  • “Because important things go in a case. You got a skull for your brain, a plastic sleeve for your comb, and a wallet for your money”.
    - George Costanza

  • It is believed that humans experience 70,000 thoughts each day.

  • Let the children play.  Research reflects that students who move prematurely to direct instruction show a decline in creativity.

  • Pesky song stuck in your head?  The brain has a penchant for pattern recognition, so the next time that bad 80s song is stuck in your head, change the channel and hum another tune!

  • Your brain lacks pain receptors, so when you have a headache, it’s not brain pain!

  • “Teaching, guiding & influencing teens is like giving a fish a bath.  Teens will often see your efforts as unnecessary, burdensome and unwanted.  But, in the end, they will remember the energy, enthusiasm and fun you put into “bath time”.
    -  Margaret Baldwin

  • Yawns wake up the brain, bringing more oxygen to the blood stream.

  • Estrogen enhances a female’s ability to utilize speech.  It increases manual skills and memory.

  • Studies indicate that a memory paired with scent can be recalled more easily.

  • “Brain: an apparatus with which we think that we think”.
    - Ambrose Bierce

  • Your brain makes 10-23 watts of power when you’re awake, enough to turn on a light bulb!

  • Get your 8 hours, sleep is the time when your brain processes and stores memories from the day.

  • The frontal lobe, the boss of the entire brain, modulates and controls the amygdala and other more primitive parts of the brain…in teens the frontal lobe is just beginning the journey to maturity.

  • Memories are formed by associations, to promote memory in students, create associations for them.

  • "You have brains in your head.
    You have feet in your shoes.
    You can steer yourself
    Any direction you choose."
    --- Dr. Seuss, “Oh The Places You’ll Go”

  • The hippocampus is responsible for encoding and storing memory, in teens it is unpredictable because the amygdala has a huge influence over it.

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YEA! Youth Education Alliance is a student support services company offering a variety of programs to help your child reach their personal goals. We are more than homework help.  We offer practical, lasting solutions to all academic and personal development problems.   No matter how large or small.

Why is our approach so effective?

Our approach works because, YEA! takes scientific research on brain development and learning and applies it to the fact that the juvenile brain is a constantly changing organ. Each new developmental phase requires a different approach to learning and personal management.


end faq

  • 0269

    Our boat competition. Who could design the best tinfoil boat that could hold the most weight without sinking into the creek?

  • Acid + Base = explosion!0285

  • eggExploring the properties of gravity and air resistance, will the eggs on the end of the parachute break?

  • “Can the resources at the garden be used to make a reliable pH test?”0281

  • “How’s the water quality?”0235

  • One of our boy groups hard at work on ecology.0230

  • Students in the field exploring the mystery of just how healthy the wetland system of Mead Garden really is.0229

  • 0293Students examine microscope specimens during our Cell Day.

  • Microscope competition, ladies won this one too!0295

  • 0299Plant cell.

  • 0197Here is a photo of our students on a nature walk looking for samples.

  • The final product of the cell gel competition.  Our winner!0192

  • One of our boy teams trying to beat the ladies! (Good luck gentlemen, ladies won this week!)0185

  • 0184One of our girl teams working hard to win the cell gel challenge!

  • Creating cells.0183

  • Building cells from items harvested from the garden. We preserved them in cell gel.0181

  • The kids found a lubber grasshopper! Gross (but totally cool).  They are all over the garden in the spring and summer time!0179

  • Examples of samples students found for their microscope competition.0175

  • Students spend a whole day exploring cells and the microscopic world.0170

  • Microscope challenge, could you find the coolest sample in the garden and win king of the lab?0169

  • Evaporative cooling experiments with one of our campers!0155

  • Enjoying the outdoors while learning a little about humidity and why everyone sweats!0143

  • Discussing the data.0135

  • Sour Patch Kid science : )0133

  • Scientific method projects, is there truth in advertising?0129

  • 0123Doing a little research for scientific method experiments.

  • Picture of our classroom space.  Wild for Biology happens here each week over the summer.0119

  • Aquatic plants, bugs, microorganisms and algae. Students found it while sampling the foam in the creek at Mead Garden.photo3

  • Aquatic plants, bugs, microorganisms and algae. Students found it while sampling the foam in the creek at Mead Garden.photo2

  • During summer camp students extract their own cells and view them under the microscope!  This is what they see!photo4

  • photo1Mosquito found during camp at Mead Garden.

  • photoSpores from a fern, magnified 40 times!


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