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Who I Am:

I am a certified teacher and researcher, my business concept was born as a natural expression of my passion to inspire children and families to reach their fullest potential and be a positive contribution to each other and their communities.  Through years of classroom research, combined with my background in science, I am able to create for my clients a plan that addresses their unique needs.

My goal is to equip my clients and their families with strategies that will serve them long after exams are passed and diplomas are earned!

Educational, Professional Background and Other Qualifications:
Orange County Public Schools Certified Teacher, Biology grades 9-12
Twelve years of teaching experience with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
Coordinator of Freshmen IB Diploma Preparation Program at Winter Park High School
Bachelors of Science, University of Central Florida
Certified/Trained the College Board (AP Programs)
Trained International Baccalaureate Program, Biology Standard Level and Higher Level
NASA/COGs Teacher of the Year, 2003
Consultant, Educational Products Development, NASA/COGS
Consultant, Educational Products Development, CASENEX Inc.
Florida Association of Science Teachers Grant awardee
Winter Park Health Foundation, Grant awardee

Extensively trained in:
a. Brain based learning techniques
b. Gender based learning techniques
c. Time management, organizational and life skills strategies
d. Parenting strategies for teens and pre-teens

Teachers Pay Teachers

Our dream is to make the expertise and wisdom of all the teachers in the world available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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